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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Self-Professed Pastor, Sadeeq Mustapha Faces Homosexual Rape Charges

A 27-year-old self-professed pastor, Sadeeq Mustapha, stands trial at the Lagos State Magistrate Court in Ogba, Agege, facing homosexual rape charges.
His vitims are Oladimeji Taiwo, a transporter, and Yusuf Idowu, a teacher. The defendant allegedly forced himself on the two men at Disu Akogun Street, Dopemu, Lagos, on October 9 and 10.
Mr Taiwo, in his statement to the police, said they met when the “pastor” asked for road directions. After that, Mustapha insisted on praying for Mr Taiwo, who invited him to his house and introduced as a brother to his fellow tenants.
As the prayer went on, Taiwo said, Mustapha requested that he took off his trousers and shirt and laid down, explaining that, at that stage, a pastor has to lie on top of the person he prays for. Noticing Taiwo’s resistance, Mustapha allegedly scorned him for trying to “disrupt” the ritual.
Having realised Mustapha’s true intentions, Taiwo called the prayer off. Seeing Mustapha as a pastor, and because he already had introduced him as a brother to his roommates, Taiwo only banned him from his house.
Upon his return from work the next day, however, Taiwo was amazed to see that Mustapha in his house. His co-tenant, Mr Idowu, did not know what occured between the two men the previous night, and allowed the suspect in. Yusuf says Mustapha tried to rape him in the same way he did Taiwo.
On seeing Mustapha in their house again, Taiwo picked up a machete, but at that point, the neighbours have intervened in the conflict. Eventually, Taiwo called his uncle who told him to contact the police to have Mustapha arrested.
The offence Taiwo committed, “conduct himself in a manner likely to cause the breach of peace by forcefully wanting to have sex with one Oladimeji Taiwo,” is punishable under Section 166 (d) of the Criminal Laws of Lagos, Nigeria, 2011.
The suspect pleaded not guilty to the charges and was granted bail in the sum of N200,000 with two sureties in like sum.

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