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Friday, 28 August 2015

$20,000 bounty was placed on Kenya suspected female terrorist

Kenya has offered $20,000 reward for information that may lead to the arrest of a female terror suspect believed to be hiding in a refugee camp in its northeastern border region.
The authorities have also released a picture of Rukia Faraj, who is believed to be an al-Shabaab operative in a refugee camp in Garissa County.
“She is wanted for facilitating movement of youths to Somalia to join her husband who is planning an attack in Kenya,” the police said in a statement issued on Friday.
Faraj’s husband, Ramadhan Kufungwa, a wanted terrorist, was accused of being responsible for the grenade attacks and assassinations of clerics and security officers in Mombasa County.
The report says Faraj is also reported to be assisting Kufungwa in planning fresh attacks in Kenya, by helping him move explosives and other weapons from Somalia into Kenya’s northeastern region.
The bounty on Faraj comes after a cache of firearms and explosive were recovered in Garissa County on Wednesday night.
Police believe the weapons were to be used against vital government installations and religious institutions.
Northeastern Regional Coordinator, Mohamud Saleh, said on Friday that the breakthrough follows the arrest of more dangerous al-Shabaab suspects who provided crucial information that led to the unearthing of weapons.
Saleh said he had ordered all landlords and commercial facility owners to provide detailed identities of their tenants to their chiefs.

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