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Sunday, 8 February 2015

5 Methods To Assess Yourself

Personal assessment is a key that unlocks doors to greater achievements in life. the reason is because you know yourself much better than anyone. some persons sometimes fear to sit and have a reflection on their life. but it is necessary you do so as it will guide you to make amends in areas you've gone wrong.

Personal judgement opens a door of freedom from different forms of mistakes which you may be found in. we'll be considering about five(5) methods with which you can rate yourself as it is necessary for growth in life.

1. Reflect On Your Life:
There is no view of your life much better than the one you have for it. people around you may see you differently from the way you see yourself. if you don't have a picture of your inner self, there is need for a serious deep meditation to dig out the picture which will help you describe you. try not to be buried in what you've heard about yourself for it will only confuse and mislead you. the picture you paint about your life is the best.

2. Compare Your Successes And Failures:
A way forward for progress is scaling your past and present successes and failures. this way you'll get to know who you really are. out of this practice, you'll be able to properly rate yourself, see what group you belong to. it will also help you make decisions of what to do about your analysis.

Be sincere to avoid tagging failures as success as that will cloud your personal assessment. it is usually easy to call failures success but hard to tag success failure. this misconception you must avoid as it endangers your conclusions to be based on assumption and assumption some times used to be the creator of confusion.

3. Find Out Why You Failed:
After comparing your successes and failures, there is need to scrutinize the failures. define the failures to see why it was so. there is nothing without a reason. at this point tell yourself all the truth you know to find out why you failed.

A terrible and most challenging aspect of life is when you don't know why you keep failing one particular thing over and over again. get the reasons for it. recall all the steps you took and note at what point you got everything wrong. personal assessment would be impossible without having a clue about the cause of failure.

4. Seek For Corrections:
Corrections helps in returning to the right path to avoid repeating a mistake for the second time. it is necessary you seek it with the mind to advance beyond your present state of failure.

With correction your personal assessment will be excellent as failures will be slowly erased with the truth of success which overrides it. correction do not only amend mistakes but it also helps you to know how humble or stubborn you are in character. you will know this by your manner of approach towards accepting it at first. correction is a bell which rings to show the path to success. try as much as you can to listen to it.

5. Always Recall Where You Once Got it Wrong:
It is very necessary to quickly recall the points where you got it wrong before. that way you'll as well remember how you got out of that failure. it will help you not to repeat failure history. failure is common this days because people are too busy with the quest to succeed without recalling the reasons why they failed before. break free from this category. you are better than that past failure. all you have to do is embrace the corrections you've got to ride on successfully.

Always remember to make this methods a practice in other to constantly have a clear picture of yourself at every level of your life. personal assessment is a key that unlock doors to greater achievements in life. those doors won't open without your constant approach using personal assessment.Culled

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