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Friday, 3 October 2014

Innovation Prize for Africa ending soon!

I got this from my mail and i feel like sharing it for the interested Inventors/innovators to act on;
Do you want to take your innovation to the next level?
Is it marketable and scalable in your region and across the continent?
Is it addressing a real challenge that fellow Africans face?
Can fellow Africans replicate it, as well as benefit from it?
Can your idea shine brightly and sustain itself?
If your answer is yes to the above, then you are in the line up to help transform the African innovation eco-system. Take action now and apply for the prestigious Innovation Prize for Africa award that offers you a chance to win a share of US$150 000 in prize money and contribute to Africa’s growth and development in one of these five key areas:
Agriculture and agribusiness
Environment, energy and water
Health and well-being
ICT applications
Manufacturing and service industry.
The winners are selected based on 5 criteria: Originality, Marketability, Scalability, Social impact, Scientific/Technical aspects.

And that’s not all … if your IPA application shows potential, you qualify for much more!

Here are 4 good reasons why you should apply now:
 Everyone is a potential winner! If your entry catches the eye of our judges as one of the top 10 finalists, IPA will invest up to US$5 000 to help push your innovation to the next level. This could be through funding business development and/or marketing plans, coaching, or sponsorship for relevant training.
Opening space for women! Women represent a smaller share of opportunities than men in Africa and are often less represented in ICT, health, agriculture and business. However, women are integral in driving progress in Africa. So as a part of post- prize action, AIF will select the 10 most promising projects driven by African women and support them with increased opportunities such as training, as well as linking up with mentors and sponsor.
Encouraging young innovators! As a part of post-prize action, AIF will tap into innovation hubs, universities and youth-friendly rendez-vous, connecting young motivators and inventors under the age of 25. The 10 most promising projects undertaken by young people will receive support and the opportunity to join the AIF innovation networks, with links to fellowships and other incentives.
Accessing our virtual platform for African innovators: For the last round of applicants, AIF will offer access to its virtual platform. This will not only enhance support for current efforts, but provide applicants with an opportunity to add their voice to this internet-based platform, enhancing the market place for African innovators and investors.

Driven by AIF

The Africa Innovation Foundation (AIF) is a new model of ‘next generation’ African foundations, mobilizing innovation across the continent for the personal, cultural and economic benefit of all Africans. The IPA award is the landmark initiative of AIF. It was launched in 2011 to support and catalyse African stakeholders to invest in emerging ideas to ensure a sustainable, prosperous Africa.

AIF has invested more than half a million USD through IPA in sustainable African-led innovation. The IPA competition is open to all Africans globally. This year, we are inviting applications from all target groups, particularly women and young people.

The application deadline for IPA 2015 is 31st October 2014 at 23h59 GMT.

For further details, please visit the IPA website first and if you still have questions, contact :
Pauline Mujawamariya
Phone: + 41 44 515 5466

....just give it a trial. all the best.

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