Angola loses first satellite, plans successor Angosat-2

SatelliteSatelliteSatelliteThe satellite was sent into orbit in December, but contact was lost shortly afterwards [Roskosmos/YouTube]
Angola's first satellite is going to be scrapped and replaced with another in 2020, Angolan and Russian officials announced today, Reuters news agency reports.
Launched on 26 December from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, Angosat-1 was intended to improve TV, radio and internet communications in Angola.
The development and launch of the satellite cost more than 286m euros ($349m, £253m) and it was expected to have a working life of about 15 years.
But it has been plagued with problems.
Just a few days after it was launched the Russian Energia rocket and space corporation lost contact with the satellite for two days.
It is now considered a write-off and Russia has promised to build another satellite to be launched in 2020, Reuters adds.


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  1. That's a sad one just hope the Angosat-2 will be better off