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Saturday, 7 January 2017

LittleArm 2C Mini Arduino Robotic Arm

  LittleArm 2C Mini Arduino Robotic Arm
On January 4th Slant launched the LittleArm 2C, the next generation of the LittleArm,  on Kickstarter. It is tougher, simpler, and more expandable than its predecessor and any other similar arm available.

In 2016 the Original LittleArm was launched by Slant Concepts. Since then the team at Slant has been gathering feedback from hundreds of students, makers, and teachers about the 3D printed robot arms. All of that feedback was taken and used to move forward in the mission of creating a STEM and hobby robot arm that would get kids excited about STEM topics.

The LittleArm 2C was designed to address two major issues with the original LittleArm,” said Gabe Bentz, creator of the LittleArm. “They were durability and support. Both relate to the classroom.”

To address durability the new LittleArm features an entirely new mechanical structure that allows it to take the stresses and beatings that 3rd graders can give to it. Improved support comes from the simplicity of the design, which makes it easier for kids to assemble as well as many new tutorials and resources on the LittleArm website.

The Basic kit for the LittleArm 2C is enabled with bluetooth and can be trained with the Littlearm smartphone app so kids of all ages can get started learning the basic concepts of programming immediately. The 2C can be built in under an hour and only has 31 parts, reducing the load on teacher who use the kits in the classroom.

But the LittleArm has not left its maker roots. The 2C is a family of arms. And the little brother in that family is the minimalist brainless version which is designed to be mounted to other projects. The designs are also available for download for those who have 3D printers.

The original LittleArm was the first commercially successful 3D printed robot arm. But now it is growing. The LittleArm is preparing kids for a technological future where they work side-by-side technology. The LittleArm shows them every component of that technology from the manufacturing to the programming.
The development team behind LittleArm 2C explain more about its inspiration and design.
We want to build a STEM kit that gets kids excited about technology. So we have created the LittleArm, a simple, trainable, programmable, Arduino robot arm. In 2016, a guy in a garage built a small robot arm using an Arduino Uno and his 3D printer. After tons of people asked him to turn it into a kit, Slant Concepts put it on Kickstarter. It was funded in under a week and hit more than 260% of it goal by the end.
After sending out those first arms, the feedback started coming in. We are smart enough to listen to the people who are using our stuff. So we took every comment and common problem and eliminated them with extreme prejudice. When we were done we had created a great machine. This is the LittleArm 2C. The desktop Arduino robot arm we created for kids to learn about robotics and technology.
The LittleArm 2C is designed to be the kit that kids can easily use so that STEM classes can implement more robotics curriculum. We are on Kickstarter now to fund the first run of these new arms and develop improved curriculum and content so teachers can easily utilize the LittleArm as a tool in classrooms, to get kids excited about tech.
Source: Kickstarter

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