Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) group rejects election of new president

CAN group rejects election of new president
The Coalition of Nigerian Christian Elders and Nigerian Christian Youths yesterday faulted Tuesday’s Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) election that saw the emergence of Rev. Supo Samson Ayokunle as its national president.
It said the election was planned to disenfranchise some contestants from participating.
The group, which comprises different denominations that make up the blocs of CAN, alleged in a statement that the polls were schemed to favour Ayokunle, a former CAN vice president, and southern Baptist “whose bloc, CCN in CAN once headed CAN under His Eminence, Sunday Mbang.”
The statement which was signed by the group’s public relations officer, Peter Jacob faulted the decision of the immediate-past CAN president, Ayo Oristejafor, in presiding over the election despite receiving a court order to the contrary.
It also accused the body of not adhering to its regulations of rotating the leadership among the various CAN blocs as well as freedom and right of participation.


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