Xenophobia: Zambians attack foreigners, loot shops in Lusaka

A Zambian Policeman apprehends an alleged looter in the Zingalume Compound where residents have attacked broken and looted foreign-run shops in Lusaka on April 18, 201
Zambian Police Spokesperson, Charity Munganga-Chanda, says the attacks on foreign owned shops in Lusaka have spread to other parts of the city with more shops attacked.
People use a pole to batter a shop doorway during clashes with police in Lusaka April 19, 2016
He said that the attacks started in the morning in two sprawling shanty compounds over rumours that foreigners were behind a spate of suspected ritual killings that had occurred in recent weeks.
Munganga-Chanda said so far, over 250 people had been arrested in connection with the looting of shops owned by Rwandan nationals while the number of looted shops stood at 65.

Source: NAN


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