(Photos): The danger of taking selfie on 2,769ft high cliff in Brazil just for perfect shot

Tens of thousands of people have been flocking to Pedra da Gavea in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to take nail-biting images like this one of Gabrielle Rodrigues and her boyfriend (above)
If you don't have a head for heights then you may not want to see evidence of the latest travel trend in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - posing on the edge of a 2,769ft-high rock.
Pedra da Gavea, a mountain on the outskirts of the city, has become a hot new spot for tourists to hike to.
But simply scaling its peaks is no longer enough as it seems tourists are pulling increasingly nail-biting stunts that will have some of us feeling the effects of vertigo without even being there. See more photos below......
Some visitors, like Lucas Mattos, got dangerously close to the edge for the perfect photo opportunity. Often, these images have hundreds if not thousands of likes on Instagram 
Renan Serrano sitting down 
Flavia Kozlowsky pretending to jump off 
Lilian Carvalho sitting on the edge
Hugo Gonçalves grins as he hangs off the cliff with one arm, using his spare hand to take a photo with his selfie stick 


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