Health: World's fattest man died after taking more than six energy drinks a day in weight-loss

Moreno, 38, was drinking more than six energy drinks before his death - the equivalent of 42 cans of Coca-Cola in three days for a healthy person 
The world's fattest man, who died from a heart attack on Christmas Day, binged on energy drinks in the days before his death.
Andres Moreno, who weighed 70 stone at his heaviest, died aged 38 in his home town of Ciudad Obreg√≥n in Sonora, Mexico.
It has now emerged he was guzzling more than six energy drinks a day in the three days before his death.
Following the operation, Moreno had hoped to lose more than 57 stone in weight - to take him down to 12.5 stone - to allow him to fulfil his dreams of starting a family. 
The Mexican, who had always been large, was born weighing 13 pounds. 
At ten, he was already tipping the scales at 19 stone. 
As his weight ballooned, he had become bed-bound with a number of serious illnesses.   
'I realised I was just getting fatter and fatter, going up in size like a snowball, but I couldn't stop, I lost my wife, who I lived with me for three years, who left me simply because I was so fat,' he revealed.
'I looked so bad that when people came to see me I used to make them cry.' 
The 38-year-old Mexican had hoped to lose more than 800lbs in weight - to take him down to 175lb

The previous record for the world's fattest man was also held by another Mexican, Manuel Uribe, from Monterrey, who weighed 88 stone.
He died in 2014 aged 48. 
Mexico has one of the world's fattest populations, with 70 per cent of people overweight and a third of them are obese, causing a range of serious health problems.
The country also suffers one of the worst rates of diabetes which kills more than 80,000 Mexicans every year.  
Britain's fattest man, 65-stone Carl Thompson, died last June just a month after pleading for help to try and change the 10,000 calories-a-day diet he was warned would kill him. 

Credit: Dailymail


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