Photos: Items That Survived The Sinking Of The Titanic Auctioned, With A Cracker Sold For $22,968

A cracker that survived the titanic has been sold for $23968. The Spillers and Bakers 'Pilot' biscuit survived the sinking of the Titanic in 1912 in which over 1,500 people died after the 'unsinkable' ship hit an iceberg.
According to auctioneers, the sweet was part of a survival kit that was stored within one of the ill-fated ocean liner's lifeboats. James Fenwick, a passenger onboard the SS Carpathia, which went to the aid of survivors from the ship kept it as a 'souvenir' of the disaster.
Another item auctioned was a 'loving cup' which was presented to the captain of the Carpathia, which came to the Titanic's aid. It was given to Captain Arthur Rostron by survivor Molly Brown and was paid for by donations from wealthy passengers after the disaster.
It sold for an incredible £129,000 ($197,531) - making it the third most expensive Titanic item ever. The cup, which stands 16 inches tall, was given to Rostron for his great courage to speed the RMS Carpathia through an ice field at night to reach the Titanic and rescue 712 survivors. The auction also featured a photo of the iceberg that is believed to have sunk the cruise liner. It sold for £21,000 ($32,156).
The picture of the iceberg was taken by the chief steward of the passing Prinz Adalbert vessel.



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