Health: How an UNTIDY ROOM affects your Sleep| Study Reveals

Are you finding it difficult to sleep? Maybe this new study can help you get through  from a different perspective.
New research have discovered that an untidy room  affects your sleep, can increase stress and aggravate mental illness. 
According to Dr Pamela Thacher, a psychologist at St Lawrence University, New York, said: 'Hoarders typically have problems with decision making and executive function; poor sleep is known to compromise cognition generally.

'So if hoarders have cluttered or unusable bedrooms, and less comfortable, functional beds, any existing risk for cognitive dysfunction, depression and stress may increase as sleep quality worsens.
As part of the study, people were asked about their hoarding habits and their sleep. Of those involved, 83 people were considered at risk for a hoarding disorder, based on their score on a Clutter and Hoarding Rating Scale.
Another 198 were considered to have a low or no risk for hoarding disorder.
The people in the study were asked questions about their sleep using tests known as the Sleep Habits Survey (SH) and the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI).
Researchers found those at risk for hoarding disorder reported more problems with their sleep.
The study was published online in the journal Sleep and presented at the SLEEP 2015 annual meeting in Seattle.

Photo Credit: Mailonline


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