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Friday, 27 March 2015

$60m given to Nigeria by UN for Election

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon

The UN Secretary-General High Level Representative to Nigeria, Dr Mohammed Ibn Chambas, said the United Nations had provided $60m, about N1.2bn, to ensure the success of Nigeria’s 2015 general elections.
Chambas disclosed this at a press conference in Abuja on Friday.
He said the UN was interested in Nigeria’s elections because “the country is too important for the sub-region, the region and the world at large.”
Chambas explained that the UN had been involved in building institutions and capacity that were required for the elections.
Chambas said, “Several months even before this election, the UN deployed a Needs Assessment Mission and based on that needs assessment mission, certain areas were identified by INEC in particular.
“We then came up with a budget which amounted to almost $60m.
“This was mobilised for members-states and other international organisations and has been provided to Nigerian various institutions and organisations in the process of preparing towards this election.
“So that is the kind of ongoing work that the UN does throughout the period.
“And this has been the specific contributions that the UN has made and the UNDP managed this basket of funds that was collected.
“And I should say that one particular intervention that I am personally proud of is the creation of the National Peace Council which was an initiative out of the UN.
“To get a group of eminent personalities and respected citizens to come together and to lead the clarion call for peaceful, credible elections.
“So, it is out of this peace council that we have seen, for instance, the two leading candidates, Mr President and General Buhari re-affirming their commitment to the Abuja Accord.
“Which itself is a product of the work of the UN through the former Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, other prominent Nigerians such as Prof Gambari through his Savannah Institute, Bishop Matthew Kukah through the Kukah Centre.
“UNDP was very instrumental in working with them, in bringing on board other partners which culminated in the establishment of the National Peace Council.”

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