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Monday, 2 March 2015

Photo: Could this be the Biggest baby ever?

A 25-year old Indian woman married to a 28-year old tailor is scared she might lose her 10-months old baby especially with doctors not helping out.

Aliya Saleem weighed a healthy 9lbs at birth but started piling on the pounds at four months old. She now weighs 2st 13lbs. Her mom is worried because she lost her second child to obesity before having Aliya, and now Aliya is growing more than normal.

Her weight is that of a 6-year old girl, she said soberly. She was also quick to say she is the most loved baby in the village and everyone loved to touch her, just that most of them can’t lift her up. The couple have a 5-year old son (their first child) who lives a healthy life.

A consultant in Delhi, has described Aliya’s case to be that of morbid obesity or even a hormonal imbalance. We hope something could be done fast.


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