Little Boy Eats Electrical Wires, Socks, Anything Non-Food Because Of Rare Disorder

Thank God for internet. Most of us would have just lived and died not knowing somethings. Na wa o. A 10-year old boy, Callum Higgins has been suffering from a rare disorder which makes him eat on household items. Callum eats anything non-food and can practically eat anything. He eats electrical wires, socks, pencils, washing tablets, his sister’s doll, raw meat from the freezer, name it and Callum can eat it.

It has been a sad experience for his 28-year old mom who also has two other children living normal lives. Callum is her first child and she has been managing him for 10years since she had him when she was 18.

Now that he has grown older and taller, it has been more difficult to manage him because he has the opportunity of moving around and chewing on stuffs at will. Though Callum can eat a normal food, he still prefers non-food because of his rare disorder.

If you ask me, now these are the kind of people that needs a MIRACLE. A miracle to start eating healthy food and not household items. Pastors won’t see this one now o.



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