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Friday, 6 March 2015

Become a Youtube millionaire and celebrity

Tiwa Savage got over 1,000,000 views on her YouTube channel for the song, My Darlin ,within a week earning an extra $8,000 for those views. You can earn much more with your creativity.

Become a YouTube Star & millionaire with helping you with video studio infrastructure, managing your YouTube Partner Program payments from Google and their online promotions and offline associations.

It does not cost you anything to join the network. All you need is your creativity as a potential Musician,Vlogger,Comedian,Dancer,Food Blogger etc.

Africa’s Premier Digital TV platform , intends to help you in your pursuit of becoming a YouTube star and Millionaire. It runs a dedicated video studio in Lekki Phase 1,Lagos for online video content creators. The facility also provides broadband Internet for you to upload your videos and start making money from Day 1 from premium advertising as well as CPM on your channels from the YouTube Partner Program along with Offline Marketings.

“There’s a lot of talent out there that hasn’t been capitalised by Nollywood or television; those are the kind of people we are targeting”,saysOlayinkaOluwakuse,founder of We also will be taking a number of Video bloggers on the platform with good ideas,just like we have seen Ms TokeMakinwa execute in recent times but in a more professional way this time around.
“Many people have the expertise on various subjects,music,comedy,sports,Travel,cooking,Vlog,fashion&Beauty etc,The idea is to get them into the studio and give them the infrastructure to express themselves. We’ll upload the videos for themon their own channels,supercharge their YouTube presenceand drive traffic to their links with the help of our community Web Platform.”They make money massively through the YouTube Partner Program because they will go Viral.
The network promises to provide the facilities to content creators and create cross pollination of ideas and video execution between members and platform celebrity partners.“We hope to disrupt the entertainment space in Nigeria with this.
The platform will be a curated website and community forum for the best online videos out of Nigeria.
They are taking beta invites just for a limited time Pre-Launch”.
This is how they seek to streamline ideas.
Sign up for a beta invite today via
or email

” Since this is a nascent market, we are looking for people who have ideas on original content that fits the demographic that we are targeting. We are offering a platform to these creators to produce and begin driving traffic and earning revenue from this produced content ” he states.
This Platform gives them an opportunity to use our facilities and infrastructure such as studio space, green screen, high end HD cameras and DSLRs , editors, video optimiser and tagger,he concluded.
So Guys, Sign up today via this link and keep up with NetNolly TV by following them on social media.

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