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Thursday, 25 December 2014

Jonathan meets Nollywood Stars, says they are doing well

President Goodluck Jonathan on Tuesday described Nigerian actors and actresses as the greatest ambassadors of the country. He said that players in the industry that is popularly known as Nollywood had consistently brought glory to the country. He spoke while playing host to a group, Legends of Nollywood, led by Mr. Paul Obazele, at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, during which he was honoured with the award of Grand Patriarch of Nollywood. He said, “There are so many good stories about you (Nollywood stars). For us who by divine providence and your own will, made us to be here this time, you are our pride, you are our stars. “In fact, you are the greatest ambassadors of this country. This is because the Nollywood family has really helped to bring good image to this country. Before now, we were known for soccer. After sometime, we started fumbling. Today we are on top, the next day, we are down. “Since Nollywood came on board, you have been quite steady and you have been bringing good image to this country.” Jonathan likened the Nollywood story to the biblical story of creation where God made a pronouncement that there should be light and there was light. He said the industry was created from a humble beginning when people did not expect any spectacular thing and that it had grown to a very formidable body, being the second in the world. The President expressed delight that the commercials of the industry had become an integral part of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product. He said he remained committed to giving government support to the industry.Culled

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