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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

How to create a winning CV

Your CV is one of the most important parts of your job search. Hiring managers want to see what your qualifications are and what your experience is – your CV is your selling tool. Always ensure that your CV is up-to-date and ready to make a lasting impression on the any recruiter or hiring manager. Use the tips we’ve listed below to ensure that you’re on the right track and that your CV is always of a high standard.

Remember the basics

While there are plenty of ways to write and create a CV, it’s important that your basic information is always included in your CV. Information like your qualifications, skills, work experience, and contact information should be in your CV, despite the design or format.

Make your CV look good

Your CV needs to be clear and concise. If you have not yet created a CV, simply use the Careers24 CV builder to structure a professional CV. Ensure that your curriculum vitae is always easy-to-read and well-structured. Forget fancy borders and curly font, for example – you’re not in high school anymore and therefore shouldn’t act like you are.

Keep your CV short

Forget long winding paragraphs and multiple adjectives. Your CV should always be factual and easy to read; avoid endless sentences. If anything needs detailing, use your interview to add anything that you’ve omitted. Try to fit your CV on a maximum of two A4 pages (or one A4 page back to back). If you find it difficult to incorporate important information, try applying bullet points to things such as work responsibilities, interests and qualifications. Keep in mind; most organisations simply glance over a CV to find the important bits, which is why it’s essential that you keep your CV short and concise.

Customise your current CV

After you understand what the job entails, create your CV with the job role in mind. Never simply send the same CV to different organisations without customising it, as every job requires its own set of skills and experience. By sending a tailored CV you’ll show the recruiter or hiring manager that you understand the job description and have put in the effort to ensure you suit the role. Laziness certainly never got anyone anywhere.

Your expertise should be highlighted

Mention skills that you’ve acquired throughout your career and that will make you stand out from other applicants. Interests need to link in with your skills and enhance them. Avoid listing passive interests that could imply you don’t get along with other people, for example.

References are important

When listing references, ensure that the people you are listing is aware of it. Your references should know you well and be able to give a review about your work ethic. Choose your references well and always keep them informed if you’re in the running for the job.

Make certain your CV is up-to-date

Have a look at your CV every now and then to make sure that it stays current. If you’ve recently acquired a new skill or completed a course, include it with your CV – the better your CV, the better chances you have of getting the job.

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